That Bitcoin casinos…

Betfair accepts all popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. The site processes deposits and withdrawals quickly and offers numerous controls to control your play time and deposit amount. Betfair also offers a responsible gaming program, so players can feel confident knowing that they’re playing responsibly. While there are a few cons to choosing a Bitcoin casino, the benefits make it worth considering.

For one, you can play a number of games on a single website, rather than having to log into each one separately.

License requirements

A few months ago, the United States Department of Treasury released a guide on Bitcoin, which does not state that it is legal for casinos to accept Bitcoin. This guide does not define bitcoin as a currency, but rather as a financial services company, which must comply with numerous laws surrounding reporting, registration, and accounting. As a result, Bitcoin is considered property, and taxation needs to be done on it.

It is therefore vital that Bitcoin casinos follow state-level regulations.


p>Obtaining a gambling license is an essential requirement for any gambling business using digital currencies. In addition, licensing a Bitcoin casino helps the gambling business establish credibility, as players feel more secure playing in a legitimate site.

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